I grew up in a multi-cultural family background and was exposed to every known genre of music you can ever imagine. I lost my parents at a very early age and grew up alone fighting, educating myself and learning music, building on the tutelage I recieved from both my parents.

I love every genre of music and love to play.
Personally as a singer, songwriter and guitar player my earlier years were spent playing classic rock and classical music - German, Eastern & world classical and a whole lot of jazz.
Later I developed a penchant for fusion and they all kind of merged into what I am now.

Many musicians may have influenced me as I was growing up and absorbing techniques, sounds, styles and rhythym including people as diverse as Tommy Emmanuel, Rowen Robertson, John Abercormbie, Manu Dibango, Mama Africa, Steely Dan, Frak Zappa, Pink Floyd, Jehtro Tull... also Nana Muskorie, Joan Baez, French jazz, European Jazz, Max Roach, Max Weber; its a huge, huge list...

Today, as it stands, I play a neo jazz fusion rock, combined with flamenco style when needed, to a variety of songs or music using my bare hands & fingers although i occasionally use a plectrum the music needs high speed scales

- Anjael

"Art is a kind of innate drive that seizes a human being and makes him its instrument. To perform this difficult office it is sometimes necessary for him to sacrifice happiness and everything that makes life worth living for the ordinary human being"


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Album :Heart of a Lion ©

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Anjaels music is dedicated to God, Truth & His true love Neb.

Recorded at Brixton Studio 3rd floor
Kitchener, Ontario CANADA 2010

All songs written, composed, sung and arranged by ©Anjael - Guitars, vocals
Gregg Dechert-Keyboards&Organ
Stephen Telehus- Bass guitar
Alan Reimer-Fretless bass -Truth is one & Djembe drums

Tracks - (Lyrics coming soon)

1. Insecurities- Anjael 2004
2.  Be & Stay -Anjael 2009
3.  Eye meets eye-Anjael 2009
4. Truth is one- Anjael 2009
5.  What kind of man(love)- Anjael 2009
6.  Hungry eyes- Anjael 2004
7.  I was made for you- Anjael 2002
8.  Every little boy - Anjael 2002
9.  Brotherhood-1999
10. Lonely child - Anjael 2002
11. Reach Out -Anjael 2008

Recorded, mixed & engineered by -
Nicholas Iden @ Brixton Studio 2009-2010

Digital re mastering & mixing done by engineers  - 
Erik Veach & Friends - Crazy Daisy Mastering @ 2010

CD duplications and processing @ - Via Oasis Express support Ryan Ceresani

Online Digital downloads , MP3 and CD distribution via -  (link provided soon)


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