Contact Info:

United Kingdom - E Peters

Costa Rica - Allan Castillo

Canada - Leo Roy

Time frame for bookings are at least a month in advance to avoid any clashes.

Please get in touch with the management for all questions regarding performances.

I dont play in regular pub settings where people drink and create a whole lot of loud noises as I did this when I started my musical career and found it quite disturbing for my style and exposition of music.
I also won't perform in pub settings where they have a big TV on and wont switch this off for performers, have a radio or PA music on "sorry".

I will play, perform anywhere and everywhere where they have music-loving serious audiences:
including coffee clubs, pubs with intention only to drink and listen to the music for the sake of music is welcomed.

Any other setting: colleges, universities, schools, nurserys, hospitals, nursing homes, public forums, gatherings, of course concerts, music venues, charitable causes, aids and recordings, supporting other musicians and acts welcomed.

Wherever I play and perform I request adequte balanced crystal clear sound equipment for tackling acoustic guitars, vocal mics, and electric amp mic'd electric guitars.

Thank you & God Bless


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